Monday, May 6, 2013

Monster Books of Monsters ~ FINISHED!

Finally done!  Hooray, hooray!!!!!!!
I started these almost a year ago, it's about time I got them finished! 
If you'd like to see the progress, you can see part one,  part two and part three by clicking the links.
 They still look pretty cuddly, but I am happy with them.
After getting them all sewn together, all that was left to do was put their titles on.  I wanted it to look like gold embroidery.  I started by trimming the fur to give myself an area to paint on.

Then I practiced on some leftover fur that I had saved. I had gold glitter paint that I was planning to use, but it doesn't show up by itself.  I tried painting the letters in black, brown and yellow first, then went over them with the gold.  I liked the look of the yellow the best.  I have so many smears of yellow on my practice fur, it is difficult to see what I have here, but it is all my practicing.
Then I painted my titles on.
"Monster Book of"


A front view.  He has a little fur blocking his leftest eye, I see.
Maybe I won't give these to the kids...
Now that I finished these, I can make my Iron Man T-shirt!
Thanks for looking!
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