I have been enjoying my 365 daily turtle project.  You can check that out here, if you are interested in seeing it.
Some of the things I learned with that project is that I enjoy having a blog.  I also learned that I don't enjoy having to post every single day.  I also didn't like it when I would follow a non-turtley tutorial and couldn't post it.  Those who take the trouble to create a tutorial enjoy seeing other crafters interpretations of their work.  So I decided that it would be fun to create my own crafty blog.  It will undoubtedly be mostly me linking to tutorials I have followed, but hopefully I will branch out and create my own tutorials in the future. 

I chose the name Crafty Distractions because Hubby says that crafts have a tendency to distract me from doing things around the house.  (I am  trying to remedy that!)

If you are reading this, I hope you will follow me on this crafty journey.
Thanks for reading!

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