Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dunkaroo-style dip you can make at home!

Yup.  You read that right!
And it is sooooooooo delicious!

I learned of this through word-of-mouth, so I traced it the best I could online.  This site has the photo I was shown, so it was the best I could do.  The link to the blog they credit doesn't seem to be working.

Now, the directions I was given were simple.  Take 2 cups of plain yogurt, one box of Rainbow Bits cake mix (just the mix, not the additional ingredients called for on the box) and half a container of Cool Whip and mix them together.  Chill for several hours and enjoy with small cookies, like Teddy Grahams.

I'd like to think that my homemade yogurt is what made this so delicious, but I know that is only part of the reason!

Just mix the three ingredients, and chill.

The link I located after making it suggests "lite" Cool Whip.  I used regular.  You can also add extra sprinkles, for added colour, if you want.  I did.

I made two batches because my seventeen year old was having a bit of a birthday party and I (wrongly) figured that they would tear through this. They tore through about 3/4 of batch #1.  
I still have a full batch in the fridge.  I have never, ever purchased or even used Cool Whip before, but the container says that it can be re-frozen, so I am going to freeze the leftovers, in single-serving dollops, and hope that it is still delicious.

If you manage to snag the ingredients on sale, it is a pretty inexpensive treat, too!
My 21-year-old thinks that it should be thicker, but my 17-year-old and I think it is fantastic just the way it is.

Try it yourself.  You will be glad you did!
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