Monday, August 20, 2012

Dimensional Magic Magnets

I have seen this Dimensional Magic in a gazillion posts all over the Internet.  The post I saw that inspired these magnets was this one from Photojojo.  Except I didn't want to make a mosaic, I wanted mine to look like little Polaroid pictures.

So I went to Walmart and picked up a bottle of this nifty stuff. 

As usual, I didn't follow instructions properly.  Photojojo calls for using mat board. I don't have that lying around.  My husband does woodworking for a hobby, so I asked him to cut me some little, thin rectangles out of wood.  These are 1"x1¼".  I took some white nail polish (because it was handy) and painted the edges white, and a little of the border painted as well, just in case it shows. 

Then I glued a photo onto the wood and covered it in a layer of the Dimensional Glaze, and left it to dry.

I learned a valuable lesson here.  Don't use a glue stick.  I am glad that I only made one as a test!

On to attempt number two. 
This time I used a tiny amount to the glaze itself to glue my photo down.  Then I smeared a very thin layer of the glaze over the top and along the edges of the paper to seal it down.  I let this dry before adding my good layer of Dimensional Magic.

I also experimented with adding the glaze directly onto a photo that I didn't glue to anything else. I was wondering if this would work well straight onto paper.
The answer is no.  It curls.

Success!  Attempt number two worked!

So I carried on and made the rest of my little Polaroids.

Here is an idea of the size of the magnets.  And my cat.  I tried to angle it so you could see the glaze layer.

Tada!  I don't know what I am going to do when we eventually get a stainless steel fridge!  Maybe by then they will make magnetic ones.

Thanks for looking!!

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