Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to Make a Glass Tile Pendant

I have been making glass tile pendants for years.  Above are a few of them.  But I have only made one for myself!  My friend Leah made a cross stitch that I really liked, and I decided that I was going to shamelessly copy her idea, except in glass tile pendant form.  I hope you don't mind Leah!!!!

First I had to find a picture of the lips.  Then download the font. Go here if you want the font.  I had no idea that there even was a font available!  I laid it out several different ways.  I couldn't decide how I wanted the words.  Then I printed out my pictures and gathered my supplies.

I settled on a design and carefully cut it out to fit on my glass tile. Then glued it to the tile using my triple thick glaze.

 I set it on a piece of wax paper to dry.  You can see the glue that seeped out around the edges in this picture, but that stayed behind on the wax paper when I peeled my tile off.  I let this dry for about a day.

Then I took one of the paint chips I had and chose the red colour that best matched the front and cut it out to fit the tile.

Perfect.  I glued that to the back with an ordinary glue stick.  No waiting for it to dry that way!

 Then I put a nice thick coat of the glaze on the back.  I haven't learned the art of getting the glaze nice and even, I've always got brush strokes.  *sigh*

Then after letting that dry.  I glued my pretty little heart-shaped bail onto the back using E-6000, let that dry and put a chain through it.  Sadly, I managed to do a great job smearing glue all over the place.  Luckily it is the back, so we are the only people who will see it.  If it was a gift, it wouldn't do.  But can live with it.


Thanks for reading!  :)
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  1. Great jewelry - I don't suppose you do any craft fairs in the area, do you? I'm south of napanee, and love visiting craft shows.

    1. Wow, I think that may be the nicest compliment I have ever gotten! (Not counting family, who has to be nice!) You have made my day. Thank you.
      Picton is pretty much the farthest East I go, I'm near Toronto. I have never done a craft fair. All I've ever really done is sell a few sock monkeys to people I know (a cousin being my biggest supporter).

  2. Hi Ange,

    I don't think you can get a nice even glaze on the back. I have tried Diamond Glaze, Mod Podge, Moon Glaze, etc. So I ended up spraying the back with paint then putting on 3 heavy coat of spray clear gloss.
    Ends up tuff and smooth.

    Have a great day,

    Glass Tile Graft Shop


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