Friday, June 15, 2012

Monster Book of Monsters: The Beginning

It is only pinned together here.  I'm just testing the size of my pieces.
I've had an idea to make a Monster Book of Monsters rattling around in my head since about October or November.  It has taken me until now to actually try to make it.
We love Harry Potter in this house.  Well, the girls and I do.  Hubby likes it just fine, but I don't think he loves  the series like we do.  I am making two of these.  One for each daughter.  My book will be a little friendlier than Harry's.

Here is the book I am making my version of:

I found this picture here
I tried looking online for a tutorial back when I got the idea and only found one (at The Leaky Cauldron).  But it used a lot of materials that I don't have.  Plus, the teeth were hard, I want to keep everything soft.  So I had to figure out how I would do it all on my own. I did like her idea of the foam base though, so I used that idea.

I started out with pieces of foam and some off-white fabric.

Then I cut the foam to about 9" x 12"

Then I cut a strip of my fabric about 12" wide and long enough to wrap around one long side and both short sides of my foam (I didn't measure this part).  I made a little fold in the fabric and stitched allllllllll the way along the long part.  I did this over and over again until it was wide enough to cover the end of my foam.  These are my book pages.

But sadly, I wasn't able to finish them both the day I started because I ran out of thread. 

A week later, I have a 500m long spool of thread and I am back to work!  Here are my 'pages' pinned into place around my book form.

Then, I hemmed my fun fur all the way around and checked it for size.
I think it is looking pretty good so far!  I haven't decided if my next step will be they eyes or the teeth.

So far, the only items I needed to purchase for this project have been the foam ($2 each) and the new spool of thread.  Everything else I already had hanging around the house.

I hope to have an update next week.  I hope everything else works out as well as my pages have.  They turned out almost exactly as I had pictured.

Thanks for looking!
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