Friday, April 20, 2012

Dead sock-monkey and peeps

My eighteen year old graduated from high school almost a year ago but still goes back to see some of her friends and visit a few of her former teachers. One of those teachers is celebrating a birthday next week.  This teacher has a fondness for corny (read: bad) jokes. 
The favourite is :
Q.  Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? 
A.  Because it was dead!

I told you.  Bad.

Anyhow, my daughter asked if I could make a "dead" sock monkey for her to give this teacher.  How could I say no?  I showed my daughter the socks I already had that she could choose from and she chose a red monkey with cream details.

I think it's kinda cute.

Better than my Peeps.  I saw a tutorial for the cutest felt bunny peeps here and just had to make some.  The plan was to make them before Easter and give them to the girls.
When I got Peep #1 done to the stage where you stuff it, I decided I didn't like it.  So I abandoned it and went on to Peep #2.  I decided to sew this one up differently.  Bad idea.  I like Peep #2 even less than I like Peep #1.  So I abandoned this too.  Easter came and went and the unstuffed, unloved felt Peeps just hung around.  Taunting me.  So I decided to at least finish them and see what they look like.
You know what?
Stuffed and sewn up, they are kinda cute.  I like Peep #1 better than Peep #2.  Go figure... 
Another part of the plan was to place them in these over sized plastic Easter eggs I picked up.  Guess what doesn't fit in the eggs.  Now I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with them.  But I did learn to finish what I start because you never know just how it will turn out until it is done.

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  1. Lol! You know I love the dead sock monkey...and the lame joke too, actually. I had a teacher who told jokes like that he was awesome.

    The Peeps are cute. Which is which? I'm not sure which I like better, actually.

  2. I did think you'd like the monkey, Leah!!!!!

    She is a great teacher, and a very nice person. I've met her. My youngest will be going to that school next year and is hoping to get her. Of course, that will also give the older one an excuse to keep visiting too!

    As for the peeps, Peep #1 is on the right.


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