Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cuddly Baby Toy made by me!

I finished the toy I was planning to make for my cousin's month-old son. I just need to run it through the washing machine and make sure it'll come out of the washer okay.  He is just a month old (well, seven weeks, if you want to get specific) so he can't really play with it just yet so there is no huge rush to get it to him.  I can be patient.  For a little while longer.

I found the tutorial here. I did a Google Image search for 'baby toy tutorial' or something like that and saw this and just loved it.  When I read how to make it I knew that I was totally capable.  It is very simple, but looks great.  Right up my alley!!  I did underestimate how long it would take me though.  I think it took about five times longer than I expected.  My thirteen year old wants me to make her one because it is so nifty!

I got my 12 little stuffed pieces made.  This is the back of the pieces.

Here is the front.  I wanted different textures for him to experience.  The backs of the pieces are a very soft grey fleece.  I've got a red velvety section, a soft fuzzy white section,  a plain cotton green section and a courdoroy-ish blue section.  I have a lot of pink and purple 'girly' fabrics in my cupboard so coming up with these more manly pieces was a challenge in itself!

Sewing the sections together was a breeze.

Sewing the whole thing together was pretty easy too.  The whole thing was a little time consuming, but not difficult at all.  I may make my teenager one after all.....

Click on the link and make one for yourself or a baby in your life! Pin It

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