Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Fun!

Better late than never!

The post, that is.  All of this was done in plenty of time.  Well, the costume was finished the night before Halloween, but everything ELSE was done in good time!

First, the 6 year old's that I babysit made ghosts with me.
I brought over all the ingredients that we needed and we got to work on one rainy afternoon.

We started by making the forms that our ghost bodies would be made on.  We could have used just about anything, but I chose to wad up some foil so we could make the size and shape we wanted.

We tested to make sure that our ghosts would fit in our jars.

Then we covered the "bodies" with cellophane for easy ghost removal later.

Then I watered down some white glue a little and we soaked our pre-cut cheesecloth in the mixture and draped them over our forms.
And waited a WHOLE day for them to dry.

Then we carefully peeled the ghosts off the cellophane, hot-glued some eyes and a mouth on them and 'caught' our ghosts in a jar!
 A very successful craft, in my mind, that worked perfectly with a six-year-old attention span.
One thing I would do differently is that I would use a "whiter" glue.  Mine has a bit of a tan tint to it and I have noticed that the ghosts are darkening.  It still works though, it gives them an aged look.

 I also made Monster Snack Bags!  I just LOVE how these turned out. I found the tutorial here and followed it very carefully. I gave five of the six away.  The last one is in my own drawer.

This is how they turned out!  Aren't they adorable!  I am constantly amazed by people's creativity.  And by the way people share tutorials so freely online!  Hopefully one day I will manage to create something on my own (instead of following someone else's instructions) and make a tutorial myself and kind of pay it forward.

And last, but not least....
This year's Halloween costume.

Last year when I made and posted the Rapunzel costume I had said that  if my daughters want to post their faces online that  was their choice, but I wasn't going to.  That is why she is blurred.  
My daughter plans to alternate Rapunzel with Morgana for a while so I am off the hook for creating costumes for her for a few years!
I am unfamiliar with the TV show Merlin, but my sixteen year old loves it. She wanted to be the character Morgana this year for Halloween.  This costume cost about $25 to make and was a little easier than the Rapunzel costume last year.  Clearly, I learned a few things.  My work is far from perfect, but for a costume, it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!  And she was happy with it, which is the most important!

The Olaf at the top of this post was not made by me, but by my daughters.  Mostly my 20 year old.  "Some pumpkins are worth melting for" she says.  I thought he turned out really well and wanted to include him in my Halloween post!

Thanks for looking!!

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  1. It is amazing you are self taught, your projects look so good. The pumpkin made me laugh.


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