Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Salvaging a shrunken sweater

My mom accidentally shrunk her wool sweater.  Not a whole lot, but enough that it didn't fit her anymore, so she brought it to my daughters to see if one of them would like it.  It isn't their style and they both find wool to be too itchy.  Mom suggested that if the girls didn't want it, to pass it along to someone who would, or donate it to a thrift store.  I decided that instead of donating it to a store, I would make it into something that Mom could use.  After all, she bought the sweater in the first place because she liked it, so I thought that she should keep it and continue to enjoy it.
But, what could I do?  I turned to the internet and found a tutorial here to change a sweater into a bag.
So here is what I started with.  Well, not quite.  This was taken after I washed it a couple more times to felt it.  It REALLY shrunk then! 
I meticulously followed the directions I found.  The only thing I did differently was the pocket.  I didn't think that a small outside pocket would get used, so I decided to make it a decorative heart.

And here is what I ended up with!

I like bags with flat bottoms.

See?  It is a pretty little pocket.  More for decoration than anything.  I thought about sewing it all the way around, but went with a pocket just in case she does have a use for it.

Wool sweaters sure do shed a lot!

Then I took some of the scraps and made my cat a new catnip mouse.

Thanks for looking!
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  1. Aww, you have a black kitty too! I bet he loves his mouse. That was a great idea to use the scraps to make that.

    1. That is Pixie. My mischievous little (girl!) kitty.
      Oddly, she doesn't seem to care for this mouse. I thought using the scraps was a good idea too. Oh well.


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