Thursday, June 13, 2013

Earrings and sewing and T-shirts, Oh my!

I'm not focusing these days.  I have completed several small projects though.

I've had these beads since about November and finally got around to making earrings with them.
The crystals in both pairs glitter beautifully.  Unfortunately, it is a bit overcast today so there isn't any good light for them to reflect.

I made myself a geektastic Iron Man 3 t-shirt.  Too bad I haven't seen the movie yet!
I gave up trying to take a good "selfie"  I took lots and this was the best.

Hopefully Robert Downey Jr. would be impressed.

And I sewed my self a swimsuit cover-up.  I got the tutorial here, at Grits and Giggles.
My only problem with this was that I eyeballed it.  Don't do that.  Use a tape measure.  I had to pick the seams and redo them! 
I think it is really cute.

Next up,  a tablet cover.  Hopefully that will be done within a week.
Thanks for looking!
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  1. Great cover-up! I don't sew...I do, but not well! :-) And I'm the daughter of a once professional tailor!


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