Saturday, January 19, 2013

Superhero capes for super kids!

My cousin's 3-year-old little boy uses his bathrobe as a superhero cape.  I am of the opinion that every child should have a superhero cape.  My 14 year old daughter even has one, and has had it for years! Sadly, my 19 year old doesn't want one.
When I found out that my super small cousin didn't have a real cape, I decided to remedy that situation.  And while I was at it, I made one for his 1½ -year-old sidekick, um, I mean sister, and one for the very littlest cousin.
I started by picking up some fleece in colours that I thought would be good for budding superheroes.
 Then I got my cousin to tell me the measurement of her children from about the back of a t-shirt collar to the floor and I used that measurement (minus just a little) to get the  length of my capes.  I wanted them to be almost floor length so they could use them for quite a while.
Don't look too, too close.  I took this picture after the capes were almost done. 
That is why you can see the collar detail.
Sometimes I forget to document my progress.
I sewed their initials onto the back of the cape and added a little colour to the collar.
I also sewed a little piece of velcro to the collar with the soft side facing their skin so they won't get scratched.  I want the capes to be able to tear away easily if the kids get them caught on something.  That is why they do not tie closed.
Then it was on to the tiniest of our superheroes! He is just barely one year old and I thought a cape like his slightly older cousins might be a little dangerous for him.  I also didn't think his initial on the back would look like an initial, so I painted the front.
First I designed my stencil on the computer and printed it out.  I laid that over a piece of freezer paper and cut my design out.
I had to be sure to save the "holes" from the letters p, e, O and the second e.
The arrow is pointing at the "holes" from the letters.
Then I ironed the stencil onto the shirt. Being very, very careful to place those holes I saved in the correct spot.  Then I used my fabric paint and painted my stencil, forgetting to take pictures, of course.  The next morning, I peeled my stencil off the shirt and heat-set my paint (as the instructions on the bottle tell me to) 
Then I sewed the soft side of some velcro to the shoulders of the shirt, cut out a cape shaped piece of fleece and sewed the matching side of the velcro to the shoulders of the cape!
This active three-year-old LOVED his cape!  His sister...not so much.  She didn't hate it, I just don't think she really cares at the moment.  I can live with that.  But that is why I have no pictures of her.
I didn't get a picture of Super Owen because he wasn't wearing an outfit that allowed for changing his shirt, but his Dad sent me this picture the next day!  Well, without the mustachioed happy face... 
I'd say that the capes were a success.  :)
Thanks for reading!
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