Thursday, February 14, 2013

Solid Sugar Scrub

In a convienient single use size!  And only three ingredients.

I used the directions I found here, at Homework.  Carolyn used canola oil, I used coconut oil instead, along with sugar and grated soap.

 I just made a small test batch.  The amounts listed in the instructions made six in my little mold.
 How cute are these???
They hardened up over night and I stored then in an old plastic container.  I don't like glass in the bathroom.  That is a disaster waiting to happen in my hands.
The only thing I would change about these is the soap I used.  I found the Pears to smell kind of medicinal and I don't like that.  Other than that I just love these.  I don't even require a moisturizer after my shower because of the coconut oil already in there.  My daughter loves them too, so I need to make a big batch next time! 
Thanks for looking!
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Monday, February 4, 2013

Solid Lotion Bars

Who knew lotion could be a solid?
I saw the instructions here at Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity.  I didn't have almond oil, which is what she used, so I substituted grapeseed oil.  I also have no idea where to find beeswax but I mentioned it to my dad and he just happened to have some lying around so he gave it to me. 
Thanks Dad!
I had no idea that beeswax smells so good.

My first step was to gather my ingredients.
It calls for equal parts (by weight) of everything so I took some of my beeswax and weighed that first.  Then weighed out my other ingredients to match what the beeswax weighed.
I put my iPod on so I would have some fun music to listen to... 
I still LOVE this song!!!
Then I melted the beeswax in a makeshift double boiler over medium heat, then added my coconut oil, and my grapeseed oil.  When they were all mixed, I dried the bottom of the bowl and carefully poured the mixture into silicone baking cups that I had on hand.

55 grams of each ingredient made 6 nice sized bars.

I'm not a fan of the 'sharp' corners, but they wear down really fast.

These bars feel very nice.  Not greasy or sticky at all.  And my hands smell faintly of honey!  Mmmmmmm....
Thank you Sarah, for teaching me how to make these!

Thanks for reading!
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